Become A Quit Support Retailer


NPA-MemberQuit Co currently distributes Quit Support wholesale direct to vendors. Soon Quit Support will be available through Select Nutrition Distributors, like the first Quit Co product, Quit Tea.

If you are interested, please contact us:



Quit Support Sales Sheet


Supporting Our Retailers & Driving Customers To You


Quit Support Bottle and CapsulesWe support our retailers in many ways, to make sure that customers are driven to your store to find Quit Tea.  Our goal is to make sales in every store a success!


  1. List your store on our website – Store Locator
  2. Send an email to everyone in our database in your area that has used Quit Tea, typically 75 to 150, depending on the size of your town and area you cover.
  3. Make an announcement on our Facebook and Twitter Pages.
  4. Provide Display Cases if you buy in Bulk
  5. Provide Free Samples to hand out in stores.
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