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During the Spring of 2015, Quit Co asked 83 smokers use Quit Support for 1 month.  Everyone in the testing group received 1 bottle of Quit Support and 1 box of Quit Tea.  The group was surveyed 4 times, before using Quit Support, then after using Quit Support at weeks 1, 2, and 4.

Not everyone finished all 4 surveys, and assuming if the participant dropped out of the survey group they were no longer happy with the product, so for statistical honesty we counted a non response as a negative response.  Here are some of the results.

Pre Survey Results

There were 83 participants that were required to quadruple opt-in to receive the package and continue the surveys. Here is the make up of the group.

Years A Smoker = 28

Tried to Quit Smoking = 6 Times

Age = 40

Nicotine Dependence Quiz Score = 6

Currently Trying To Quit Smoking? = 78%

Currently Trying To Quit Smoking Graph

Quit Smoking Aids Used Previously?

Quit Smoking Aids Used previously

Initial Response

Here are the survey results of 73 participants after the 1st week of using Quit Support.

Did you find Quit Support Helpful?

Able to refrain from smoking week 1 Quit Support survey

Were you able to refrain from smoking while using Quit Support?

Able To refrain from smoking while using Quit Support graph

How did you feel while using Quit Support?

Graph of Each Feeling While using Quit Support

Midpoint Survey

Here are the results after using Quit Support for 2 weeks.  Thirty people dropped out of the survey so only 53 people responded.

Do you find Quit Support Helpful?

Do you find Quit Support helpful midpoint

If you stopped smoking, has it been consistent?

Has the quitting been consistent

If you used Quit Support in combination with Quit Tea, what did you think?

Was Quit Support in combination with Quit Tea Response

Final Survey

Only 38 people responded to the final survey after 4 weeks of using Quit Support. Here are the results.

Do you think Quit Support is helpful as a quit smoking aid?

Helpful as quit smoking aid Quit Support

Are you going to continue using Quit Support?

Continue using Quit Support

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